Building Your Very Own Webinar Funnel

Are webinars dead?

While this may be a loaded question, one thing’s for certain…

With the world slowly opening up and many more people returning to their normal lives, there’s been a shift.

The short answer is: webinars may seem dead.

The long answer? Not if you have a proper sales process.

Here’s How You Can Build Your Own Webinar Utilizing Cartnetics

Step 1:

Model what works from your Cartnetics page by duplicating this page and clicking on the 3 dots to clone your webinar sales funnel.

Step 2:

Access the 5-step funnel. The best course of action is to model the whole flow of the funnel along with the copy.

Step 3:

Start editing your funnel based on your niche, market or industry. Get a general sense of the webinar to understand who the webinar is aimed at.

Whenever you write copy, focus on the ‘why’ of the headline rather than the ‘what’.

Eliminate the objections wherever possible in your funnel e.g: money, time and the level of expertise.

Step 4:

Tease the 3 secrets that your audience will be getting when they attend the webinar.

Step 5:

Create your logo by going to your library and upload it to your funnel.

You want to make sure that you have a branding guide and use your primary, secondary and tertiary colors whenever you can.

Step 6:

Check the mobile layout of the webinar funnel to make sure that it is all congruent.

Tip: Use Colorzilla to find the hex code of a shade to utilize it in your funnel.

The purpose of a funnel is to focus on one thing, which in this case is to get your audience to sign up for the webinar.

When you’re getting your taking action, there is a chance that you may have more questions than answers. But, don’t worry! In this session, we break it down into bite-size pieces on the steps to build out your webinar effectively so that you can generate more leads and income.

If you want to be able to see how it works further in-depth, you can go ahead and watch the replay from last week’s session down below:

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